1. Wicks Manor Farm

Wicks Manor is a family run farm and butchery. The farm grow and mill wheat and barley on their grounds to produce food for their pigs. Their pigs are born and bred on the farm and reared with plenty of room to roam and express their natural behaviours.

All their pork products are prepared in the farm butchery to unique recipes using only the very best of ingredients. The bacon is dry cured by hand and smoked using a blend of beechwood to give a delicious smokey flavour.

2. Glengarry

Glenngarry is a family run bakers with fine traditions since 1984. Producing high quality bread, rolls and cakes they were first established in East Ham, a London borough of Newham. The bakers out grew their location and moved premises to Billericay in 1995 where they have now expanded to provide a wholesale service with their delicious products.

3. Fluffets Free Range Eggs

Fluffetts have been producing the finest free range eggs for the past 20 years on the edge of the New Forest. Fluffets chickens are managed in small flocks and are free to roam the grassland on free draining gravel and chalk soils. Eggs are hand collected twice a day and batch graded by date of lay to ensure customers always get the freshest eggs available.